Birth is a big, life-changing event.

Relax…I understand.

Welcome Friends,  Please allow me to introduce myself…I am Doula Dawn, a certified birth doula (DONA International) proudly serving greater Ann Arbor, Michigan.

If you are seeking a doula there is a good chance that you are expecting a baby and so congratulations are in order.  If you are a professional or curious community member, I gladly welcome all who are interested to my journey.

I travel approximately 30 minutes outside of Ann Arbor to serve clients during their pregnancy and labor experience.  Also, I welcome all interested guests to attend one of my upcoming lectures in the Ann Arbor community where I teach my very fun, interactive class titled, “What is a Doula, Anyway?”  This class boasts at least one demonstration that every mom-to-be should understand.  The public is welcome at my events.

A Note from a Colleague:  “…..everyone has had such great things to say about you, and I’ve seen your posts, and been on your website, so I’ve gotten a pretty good idea of how you practice.  ….I’ve heard about you here and there (at my doula training at C4CBY, online, in the forums), and you seem like you really “get it.” This might sound stupid, but you’re kind of a doula legend!”  –Jamie Parker, doula

If you would like to meet me, we can set up an interview free of charge in order for us to get to know each other, answer your questions, and verify my availability for your birth.  To set up an interview, you can contact me at (734) 408-1484 or simply send me a note here. Upon your request I am happy to provide references, and I accept insurance inquires as well.  I want to help you fulfill your birth day dreams however you envision the details of your special day.  I look forward to hearing from you and bid you a wonderful pregnancy, labor, and birth. Congratulations again!   Doula Dawn


“How will a doula benefit me during birth?”

Hiring a doula can reduce your chances of a C-section by 50%.

  • Less pain in labor
  • Shorter labor by 25%
  • Decreased requests for pharmaceutical pain relief
  • Less need for medical induction/augmentation methods
  • Requests for epidurals are reduced by as high as 60%
  • Less risk of episiotomy
  • Less chance that your baby will be admitted to the NICU
  • Better breast-feeding results
  • Improved mother-infant bonding
  • Less incidence of postpartum depression
  • Increased satisfaction of the birth for mom
  • Parental relationship is enhanced during newborn period
  • Enhanced confidence of the mother for her lifetime
  • Mother has better regard for baby: baby is “more beautiful, easier to manage”
  • and more….

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