My Personal Testimony for Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy…..

“I have always been concerned with health and my professional interests are based in public health.  I believe the food in my fridge is my pharmacy, but well-rounded healthy living during pregnancy is multi-faceted.  Before I got pregnant, I witnessed dozens of births as a birth doula, then, it became my turn.  I had only dreamed of this moment and now taking the utmost care of my baby and I were a part of my reality.  Getting chiropractic care during my pregnancy was non-negotiable.  As a doula, I had seen many women go through pregnancy without this care and then, go on to have posterior, breech, or transverse-positioned babies which landed them either straight in a C-section or in a labor that sometimes lasted up to 60 complicated and intervention-filled hours.  Today, fewer OBs and even Midwives are trained to catch mal-positioned babies vaginally.  Babies will use gravity to get into the best position, but the first rule is spinal and pelvic balance.

Chiropractic care had already healed my chronic 26 years of miserable headaches, and I was convinced that it would help my baby assume the best position for labor enabling a smooth delivery.  In the middle of my pregnancy I switched to the Drs. at Positively Chiropractic and the difference was unbelievable; they specialize in adjusting the pregnant body.  After my first adjustment, I could not stop telling people about the difference I had experienced.  They checked my pubic bone and other muscle groups to ensure a holistic adjustment.  I have had clients who had severe pubic bone pain and it greatly increased their pain during pregnancy and limited their choices of labor positions.  One woman even had to use a walker in the third trimester.  It is clear to me that all chiropractors are not created equal and I drive 45 minutes one way to get their care during pregnancy.

My goal for chiropractic care is prevention—I want my baby to receive the maximum nutrients for optimal development (nervous system) and for me to avoid a long, hard labor or an automatic C-section (pelvic structure).  Most chiropractic care is covered by insurance now, so why not empower yourself, your baby, and your birth in this way!”

–Dawn Bussey

**Written on a sunny fall day at the end of October as I enter my third and glorious trimester with much excitement!!




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