Standard Fee — $599

Services Included in the Birth Doula Package:

  • Up to 2 prenatal in-home visits.
  • Assistance in writing your birth plan (optional).
  • A book for you to keep: choose from my large collection on childbearing.
  • Phone/e-mail support, resources, and information as requested from contract date-final visit.
  • **Attendance at 1 medical caregiver’s prenatal appointment (optional: read at bottom).
  • 24 hour on-call assistance 2 weeks prior to your due date and continuing until your birth.
  • Continuous labor support at hospital, home, or center (including pre-hospital home laboring).
  • Up to 2 hours of immediate postpartum support.
  • Photography of labor, birth, and/or postpartum events (optional, unprofessional).
  • A typed birth story (more than an outline, optional).
  • Up to 2 postpartum in-home visits (usually weeks 1 and 5 during postpartum period).
  • One Year of referral/resource support

Sliding Scale Option

My Doula Dawn, LLC is open to working with a client’s particular financial situation.  I understand that the ability to pay out of pocket for doula services is easy for some, but not the case for other families.  My fees are set to allow for the use of a sliding scale and in hopes that I can make a doula-attended birth a reality to all families who are interested, not just those with the means.  My minimum fee is $450.  If you are in need of utilizing the sliding scale, contact me for scholarship information.  Also, a partial or full barter may be possible, please inquire if this is something you would like to discuss.

If finances are truly an issue as you search for your perfect doula, then I invite you to explore a wonderful resource Michigan Doula Connection where you can find wonderful, free birth and postpartum doula services.  You have to qualify financially to be eligible.  I am proud to say that I serve on the board of this fabulous non-profit organization. Happy searching!

A La Carte Services

If you desire, you may request these services at any time.  The A La Carte services include additional prenatal, postpartum, and medical caregiver visits and are especially wonderful if you feel like you need more support on either end, more time and resources for the birth preparation or extra support and care in the postpartum period.

-Additional prenatal visits: $30/hour.

-Additional postpartum visits: $30/hour.  

(Note: I can help you define you particular postpartum needs.  I am not a postpartum doula or nanny, 

but can make excellent recommendations–ask me for referrals.)

-Additional sessions at your medical caregiver’s prenatal appointments: $25/session.

Travel Fees

A mileage fee ($.50 per mile) applies to all travel outside of a 30-mile radius (generally speaking, inside the radius is considered at or South of Fenton, North of Saline, West of Southfield, and East of Webberville or Munith.) with the start point being my home. Also, the same mileage fee applies to every mile traveled for all A La Carte services.

Accept Insurance?

YES!!  As a certified birth doula, I have the privilege of accepting insurance in my practice, which allows me to help you with your financial goals while having the luxury of having a doula as a part of your birth team.

                    How does it work?  I receive 100% of the payment from you in the normal 2 installations prenatally, but then I am willing to help you with the claim process. Not all doulas are able or willing to do this to help their clients and the doula has to be certified to even attempt it.  Statistically speaking, about 25% of claims for doula services get successfully reimbursed, so there is for sure hope!  I am glad to provide the paperwork and guide you on this front.  I am committed to the mission of getting more doula services picked up by insurance–one claim at a time!  If this is something that you would be interested in, please let me know.

About my practice

Currently, I serve 1-3 families per month, so there is an excellent chance that I will be able to serve you at your birth whenever baby decides to join us.  I have not missed a birth yet!


Certain situations may be eligible for a partial or full refund.  Ask me about my policy.

                 **No matter what type of birth you are planning for, it may be beneficial to you and your feeling/goal of emotional safety to have your doula attend at least one of your prenatal appointments.  This allows you to communicate to your medical caregiver that you are committed to your birth plan/wishes in a different way, and may encourage more fruitful discussions and the grounds for all members of your birth team to be on the same page.  Also, you facilitate the relationship between your doula (emotional caregiver) and medical caregiver (to whom your doula will be communicating on your behalf) to “warm up”; this can only better prepare you and your entire childbirth event.

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