A very well-known business coach in Ann Arbor remarked at the end of our session, “I am sorry but I just do not know how to help you!”  Eleni had asked numerous open-ended questions during the course of nearly 2 hours and at the end had nothing but praise for the work I had done.

Statistically speaking, at the beginning of my second year of business, I had nearly tripled my client base in a very tough industry and in a local market where there are plenty of doulas to chose from.  So, what had I done in my first year of founding my business?  How did I become known as a “doula legend,” and why were local industry leaders taking me out for coffee and offering me non-profit board seats and childbirth educator positions?

The answer is…I have a hunch…..I know my secrets and am now willing to share them with new doulas (outside of Ann Arbor, MI or nationally over Skype) or those who are seeking to get more inventive in their marketing strategies.  My marketing philosophy is “creativity without fear.”

**“Dawn is an exceptional person with a deep and abiding wisdom that belies her years.  Her calm, reassuring, yet professional demeanor, commitment to service, and solid experience in the sacred art of ushering babies into the world make her the ideal doula.”  –Eleni Kelakos, The Eleni Group, Ann Arbor Business Coach

Fee for service: $40/hour.

I’d love to help guide you as you embark on your new business.  You can send me an inquiry on my contact page.  Please include your city and state so that I can determine if we are a good match.

P.S.  I never would have guessed how much enjoyment I would get from marketing and figuring out business strategies. I have not read one business or marketing book and definitely did not attend business school, and actually to just put it out there….never wrote a business plan either……:).

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