During a recent business coaching session, Eleni asked me, “What is your soul passion?”  I replied, “I love serving women.”  Quite simply, this is what I do and have done most of my life!  I have a desire to work with, advocate for, educate, empower, share life with, and learn from women.  I want to inform women that they have choices when it comes to birth.  When working as a counselor serving female survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, a client remarked, I never thought that I could learn anything from younger women, but I have learned an enormous amount about life from your wisdom.  You are very talented at what you do–a natural!

A life passion of mine has always been issues surrounding public health, and I am a believer in holistic living to include spiritual, physical, and emotional aspects of life as being equally important.  It naturally follows then that focusing on the experience of childbirth, which encompasses public health, holistic health, and women was an exceptional profession for me.  Can you sense my passion yet?

I am a human, a woman, and a professional and I like to highlight these in my relationships with my clients.  My personality is very open and I am easy to relate to and talk to.  My clients and I have a lot of fun together, we laugh about life’s lessons and little surprises, we learn about birth, we explore your past achievements and bring this all to life as it relates to your birth and trek to parenthood.  I think very deeply about life’s lessons and how they shape our characters, values, and thus, decisions.  When guiding my clients through their birth journey, this holistic and fun exploration is exactly what I facilitate during our prenatal appointments.  I ask a lot of open-ended questions to which my clients frequently and thoughtfully respond, “That is a really good question!”  I am known in the birth community to take an evidence-based approach to my practice.

I have always had a very keen sense of how to make people comfortable, another way of describing that I enjoy serving others and ensuring wonderful hospitality to guests not only in my home, but to my clients as well. I do a great job of interpreting people’s needs and emotions, which when it comes to laboring moms is a wonderful talent since mom cannot always speak for herself.  I am highly organized and punctual, and some clients have found value in the level of confidence I exude while maintaining a gentle presence.  Additionally, I learn deeply from both my life and birth experiences and enjoy thinking philosophically about life lessons.  A diverse range of professionals and leaders (birth and otherwise) and the community have commented on my energy and bright spirit. People, in general, quickly feel very comfortable around me and are attracted to my fire and passion for life and for empowering the Ann Arbor birth community.  Leaders ask me out for coffee in order to figure out the source of my passion.

I have a rich work and life history, which shapes my personality and experience.  I served this country as an Arabic Linguist as “Sergeant Bussey” in the U.S. Army for 5 years.  Then, I worked as an Arabic Consultant/Teacher at the Oasis Hospital in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) where I developed a curriculum and wrote a book for beginners Arabic.  I also speak French.  For 2 years, during my schooling and after graduation from the University of Michigan in December 2010, I served both as a volunteer and on staff at the Safe House Center as a Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault First Responder and Counselor/Advocate.  I received my BA in Psychology and Sociology; I struggle to decide which subject I like best! :)  After my experience at the Safe House Center, I decided to explore the career of the doula, which would allow me to nurture many of my life’s passions.

I have traveled extensively and lived in Belgium, Germany, and the UAE.  I appreciate so many different ways of living and people from different walks of life have taught me so much about values and living life to its fullest.  And my husband reminds me often, “only a few things in life really matter, do not sweat the small stuff,” which is so true!  When I am not working, I enjoy working out, the beach/outdoors, reading, camping, traveling, cooking/entertaining, and sharing life with my husband.

Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier. ~ Mother Teresa

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