1. Consume ginger
Ginger has long been known to help prevent and fight off nausea.  You can buy ginger root, ginger powder, or simply drink ginger ale.

2. Drink clear liquids
Have something to drink, but not cola or coffee! Have a clear liquid like water, 7up, Sprite, Gingerale, or a light tea.

3. Keep your head still
Try to limit your head movements.  Constant change in sensory input from your eyes can bother your head.

4. Breath deeply and calmly
When suffering from nausea or anxiety, your heart rate can increase, and your breathing can become irregular.  Take a few deep breaths, and then try to settle into a normal breathing cycle.  Continue to slow down your breathing, if it seems that it becomes slower than is natural, speed it up a little.  Try to find your natural breathing rhythm that requires no additional effort from your brain.  Doing this exercise can also help give you something else to focus on besides nausea and anxiety.

5. Stay at a comfortable temperature
The important thing is for you to be comfortable! If you are a little warm, or a little too cold, move somewhere that you will be more comfortable.

6. Get some fresh air
Getting fresh air can work wonders.  If you can, open a window or sit outside if you are comfortable with that.

7. Accupressure on the wrist
Pressure on your wrist has been shown to help decrease nausea associated with motion sickness.  In many stores like CVS, you can find bands sold that put pressure on a point on the underside of your wrist for this purpose.

8. Avoid televisions and computers
If you have been sitting in front of a television or computer for long hours, it can really strain your eyes.  Even if this didn’t contribute to your nausea, it can certainly make it worse, so give your eyes a break, and avoid tvs and computers.

9. Sit or lay in a relaxed position
Again, it’s about being comfortable.  Lay in bed, or sit in your favorite arm chair or recliner.  While sitting, try to relax your muscles to the point where you feel entirely limp.

10. Nibble of some light carbs
Being nauseas doesn’t meant you should avoid eating, but it does mean you should avoid eating anything with a strong, distinct taste that could bother your stomach.  Instead, try munching on some light, dry carbs such as crackers, toast, cereal, rice, etc.

11. Take anti-nausea medications 
Medicines like Dramamine or Bonine are meant to cure the nausea associated with motion sickness, and are sold at almost all drugstores.

12. Avoid strong smells
Along the same lines as strong tastes and television images, strong sensory input in the form of smell can add to your nausea.

13. Turn down the lights
Bright lighting might bother your head, so go somewhere a little dimmer.

14. Try chewing gum, or sucking a lollipop or mint
Some people say that sucking or chewing on something distracts them from the idea of using their mouth in other less desirable ways

15. Think of something else!
Once you feel nauseas, anxiety starts to kick in, and anxiety will do nothing but make it worse.  So learn to stop focusing on the concept of vomit.  Hum a song, think about something else that happened during your day.  Developing this skill can go a long way, so start to compile a set of thoughts can distract you during times of anxiety.

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